Sunday, November 29, 2009

Frugal Christmas: Part 3 Gift Sets

Cheap places to buy gifts
-re-sale shops

-pawn shops
-garage sales & e-bay

Homemade gift certificates can be fun and cost very little to make. You can make coupons for chores, hugs, kisses, anything at all.

Hobby & Luxury sets
Buy an inexpensive basket or container and fill it with things the receiver may like:

Hair care luxury set
Fill with shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioning treatments, hair gels and sprays. If you want to go all out add in a gift certificate to a salon for a hair cut or style.

Bath luxury set
Fill with body wash, bar soap, sponge or loofah, maybe some hand towels. You can also add bath salts or beads if you like. Don't forget the bath pouf!

**The nice thing about these kind of baskets is that, unlike that $20 commercially put together one at Walmart, these will actually be used. Big Lots has a lot of cheaper bathing products if you want to make something less expensive.**

Foot& Hand luxury set
Nail files, clipper, pumice stone or foot stone, lotion, foot soak. throw in a gift certificate to get a manicure if you want.

Now that covers head to is Hobbies:

The Gardener
Arrange in a pot a spade, spading fork, gardening gloves, and seeds. You can even put these items into a watering can, just remember to stuff the bottom with paper so the stuff doesn't fall in so deep the receiver can't see the goodies.

The Handyman
Get a tool caddy, or a tool box if the receiver doesn't have one and fill it with things like screws, nails and stuff (I don't know much about tools but ask the person what they need and they will let you know; just don't tell them you're giving them the gift, the surprise is half the fun.)

The Cook/ The BBQ Chef
If you know someone who loves to cook, most likely they will have most of the basic tools. You want to put together a basket of cooking tools you know they don't have, Odd things like garlic press or lemon zesters are uncommon but wanted cooking items. Same goes for the grill guy/gal ask around nonchalantly and see what tools they need so they don't get the hint you're buying it for them.

The Party Animal
Every family has at least one of these, make a hangover basket. Arrange Alka-seltzer, Motrin, Pepto Bismol and coffee, all known to help hangover.