Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Frugal Christmas: Part 2 Low Cost Crafty Gifts

There are literally thousands of ideas out there for homemade or cheap gift giving. Some ideas are perfect for friends and co-workers and some ideas are great for closer more personal relationships like spouses and immediate family. Below are some categories for frugal gift ideas.

The Foodie

Recipes in a jar- This includes cookie mixes, soups, jams & curds and plenty of others. Great for co-workers or friends who like to cook.

Homemade cookies and candy - This one is great and personal. There is nothing like using your grandma's old fudge recipe and sharing it with your family and friends.

Homemade Cookbook- This is great if you are one of those people that everyone always asks the recipe for your dishes. Just make the cookbook in your word processor, print it out and arrange it in a 3 ring binder, decorate.

Arrange for you to cook a nice dinner- If you are good at cooking and want to give your parents a 5 star dinner in the privacy of their own home, then this is a great option. Just plan out the meal and decorations and music, don't forget the candles!

Fruit Baskets- A basket of fruit, traditional boss or client gift.

Art Connisseur

Make a painting, drawing, etc.- If you are artistically inclined then use your talent for your gifts. If you like painting, pottery even collage you can make impressive gifts that are unique and sure to leave an impression.

Scrapbooks- Usually great for family or close friends, make a nice scrap book of the person who will be receiving the gift. Be careful this can get costly, but it also can be cheap if you are smart about it.

Garage Sale Art- It sounds funny but no one needs to know where it came from! For all they know you might have paid $300 for that painting bought at a garage sale for $30.

Sewing & Knitting

Totes, handbags, green grocery bags- These are relatively easy to sew. It's a big fad now that everyone in the grocery brings their own bags, but image how much nicer homemade bags look than the store bought ones that everyone else has.

Scarfs, sweaters, shaws- Nice and personal gifts but knitting takes a lot of time, especially the sweaters.

Craft Sewing- There are tons of free craft patterns online. My grandma used to sew the cutest stuffed elephants and I kept mine a very long time. Also those sock monkeys are adorable.

Crochet hair accessories- I had to add this because its so neat in my opinion. I have two girls who take ballet and longed for those really pricey crochet hair bun holders. They are so cheap to make too!

Carpenter and Woodworking

Bird houses, small collector's shelves, potato storages- These make great gifts if you are mechanically inclined, unlike me. Anyone with a yard would love a birdhouse.

Collectibles-Nice for the wildlife lover, whittling ducks and figurines are great gifts.

Soaps- soaps can be carved into pretty shapes and arranged in a basket or just wrapped up.

Doll houses- If you have a daughter, the doll house you make will last much longer than the plastic thing you buy at Walmart, not only that it can be passed down to her daughter one day!


If you are totally un-crafty or just don't have time, try looking in garage sales, flea markets or make a few recipe in a jar gifts. These things require no skill.