Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Frugal Christmas: Part 1 Christmas Cards

The holidays are coming up and it's time to start thinking about gifts. It's hard enough to figure out what each person on your Christmas list wants without breaking the bank. Kids these days are getting more demanding with their requests for expensive video games and electronic devices, which would leave little or no money for everyone else. Even Christmas cards can get pricey, and let's not forget the ever increasing price of stamps to mail the cards. So what can you do about it? Get innovative!

Cheaper Holiday Cards

E-cards- mostly free, these are awesome for anyone on your list that's tech savvy

Postcards- Not only are they cheaper to purchase or easy to make, (cuts costs more), they are cheaper to send than a traditional card. Itcosts 28 cents to mail a postcard as opposed to 44 cents for a letter.

Letters- You can save money on buying cards and make Christmas really personal by mailing letters. Write heartfelt letters about how thankful that you know the other person, how much they mean etc. I guarantee that they will remember the letter for years to come. Make sure the letters are handwritten, as the cold, hard, typed letters take away a lot of the personal meaning.

Homemade cards- This one is sure to impress especially if you are artistically inclined or good with computers, also good for grandparents or anyone who loves to receive cards made by your kids. If you have kids they will have a lot of fun making cards for friends and family.