Friday, December 4, 2009

Alternitive heat

I know up north a lot of people pay extreme heat bills. There are some smart ways to cut down the price of heating drastically, it just depends on how willing you are to use it despite it's fall backs.

Wood Burning Stove
Our ancestors had it right when it came to heat. These things put out heat, and I mean big time, not only that most of them can be used as an extra stove top for making tea. They are large space heaters so the closer you are to the stove the hotter and the further away you get the colder. Depending on what stove you choose, they can heat almost any home not to mention how cute and rustic they look.

The draw backs? Ashes, boy are they dirty. Also you have to have a good supply of cut wood to burn, this may be a challenge to find in a city or other populated area.

Geothermal Heat
If I ever build a house, I want this kind of system in it. They are expensive to install but last virtually forever and can save from 25% up to 50% off your electric bill, so you save money in the long run this way. On top of the it's very environmentally friendly and enables you to get a tax cut.