Thursday, October 15, 2009

Short on grocery money...

This week has been really tight for me. I am trying to save up money so I do not even count the savings in my budget for expenditures. The problem I came across was that there were some things I couldn't buy but could improvise. For example I needed dishwasher detergent, but the stuff is about $6 a bottle and I had to spend my non-food grocery money on things I couldn't improvise like garbage bags. So instead I made my own from baking soda, borax and a dab of dish washing liquid. Here's the recipe.

Dishwasher Soap
1 cup borax
1 cup baking soda
Mix together well. When you want to use for a load of dishes fill up the second soap reservoir, the one that does not close, and make a small indention in the pile of soap and add a dab (approx 1/3 tsp) of dish liquid. Then start your machine like normal.

Also if you like to have a rinse aid but want to save money and opt out buying the small bottles of rinse aid, try using white vinegar instead. Everyone knows how well white vinegar cleans windows and mirrors, it really does a great job on glass cups too.